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From: ton en adry a.halderman@chello.nl 
Date: 2011-06-17
hoi johan ik wil je nogmaals de danken dat je altijd voor ons klaar staat ik vind je een kanjet wil nooit meer een anderen makelaar hoor ik ga met jou in zee gr ton en adry

From: Intra un Arta intra@jurkoledza.apollo.lv 
Date: 2009-06-30
2008.gadā nolēmām iegādāties dzīvokļus Turcijā, Alanya. Pirmā atsaucīgā kompānija bija Alanya Realestate, kuru vada Kerims. Tiekoties ar šīs kompānijas pārstāvjiem Kerimu un Natia jau pirmajā tikšanās reizē radās ticība šiem cilvēkiem. Natia ļoti operatīvi un ātri, atbilstoši mūsu vēlmēm, atrada vairākus īpašumus. Viņu godīgums, atsaucīgums un pacietība ir vienkārši apbrīnojama, šeit ir jāpiemin arī šoferis Armans. Sadarbība ar Natia un Kerimu nebeidzās tikai ar īpašuma iegādi, viņi palīdzēja noformēt visus dokumentus, iekārtot dzīvokli (līdz pat aizkaru stangu pielikšanai), iepazīstināja ar apkārtni un kultūras dzīvi. Sadarbība turpinās joprojām, varam griezties pie Natia un Kerima par jebkuru jautājumu, gan saistībā ar dzīvokli (dzīvokļa tīrīšana, vēdināšana, transfēru no lidostas), gan arī citiem. Tagad uzturoties Alanya un tiekoties ar citiem dzīvokļu īpašniekiem, tiešām varam būt priecīgas, ka mūsu vēlmju realizēšanai pirmā nopietnā kompānija, kura atsaucās bija Alanya Realestate. << Back

From: Paul & Sharon Todd ppaultodd@aol.com 
Date: 2008-02-11
We purchased a property from Alanya Makelaars in July 2006, we had tried other agents but did not feel comfortable with any of them. Having met Kerim Balitkay and Johan Vos we felt re assured and confident we were in safe hands. We were shown properties only within our budget and when we did purchase we were helped with all the legalities involved. Kerim also had all our furniture delivered and installed prior to our first visit in our new home. There have been a few teething problems with the property but as usual kerim sorted them out promptly. We would highly recommend Kerim and his team to any person wishing to purchase a property in turkey, in fact we did and a friend has purchased a property with the same results. Thank you to Kerim and all his team

From: Jan and Tina Tronier jantronier@yahoo.dk 
Date: 2006-05-15
Hello, We can only recommend others to contact Alanya Realestates if you are thinking about buying an appartment or a villa in Alanya. We have experienced the people in the office to be very professionel. You will find a very friendly atomosphere in the office which we find very important. They have helped us with many big and small things, i.e. driving us to furniture shops and to Metro to buy everything we needed to make our appartment into a home. You can ask all the questions you need to feel welcome in a new country i.e. where is the best supermarked, where do we pay our electric bill. Although, things are not happening quite as quickly as we are used to in Denmark, we feel very confident with the help and advises we get from the very nice people in Alanya Realestates office. From: Jan and Tina Tronier, emailadress: jantronier@yahoo.dk

From: marc and karin adang m.adang@chello.nl 
Date: 2006-05-15
in january 2005 we bought a house in Avsallar and we really like to recommend this firm to you. they did a lot ! the people at the office did their utmost to make it happen. friendly, professional and with a great service. they really listen to you. thanks to their support we are satisfied customers. you may contact us by e-mail. marc and karin adang the netherlands

From: Marja & Jacob Huijsman j.huysman@wanadoo.nl 
Date: 2006-05-15
In August 2005 we have bought an apartment in Side via real Estate Agent “Alanya Makelaars” in Alanya. In July 2005 we made our first contact via internet with Mr. Johan Vos from Alanya Makelaars who is responsible for the sales to the so called “Dutch speaking Market” (Holland and Belgium). In august 2005 we travelled to Turkey and Johan showed us several apartments in which we were interested in. During our visited Johan supplied us with all necessary and adequate information we asked for. All staff of Alanya Makelaars, incl. the Director Mr. Kerim Baliktay, found answers from Lawyers- and Notary Offices on our questions relating to several legal aspects. After two days of touring around we made our decision and bought a two bedroom apartment in Side. This month (March 2006) we have bought furniture an furnished our new apartment. Again Alanya Makelaars supplied us with all kinds of support from helping us by hiring a car to drive us to Metro for shopping and helping us to find a suitable television set. We can recommend you Alanya Makelaars to be your Real Estate Agent when you are considering to buy a house or apartment in the Turkish Riviera.

From: Ferit ferit@likyabilisim.com 
Date: 2006-04-11
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